Fort Lauderdale Pain Medicine


For approximately the past 30 to 35 years, I had been suffering with various issues related to and problems with my spine. These problems ranged all the way from my cervical spine to my tail bone. Over the years, I had seen an array of General Practioners, Chiropractors, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons and Pain Management Facilities. I have had virtually every test available over the years, many of them multiple multiple times. I have had multiple surgeries over the years, the most recent being to have three cervical vertebra fused and the discs replaced with donor bone. I also have a plate with six screws. As a side effect of all my nerve damage in my neck, I needed to have additional surgery on my wrist and elbow.

Throughout all these years, the general consensus from all the doctors and surgeons was always the same: therapy, exercise and/or pain medication. What do you do when the therapy is not helping? Just how long can someone keep taking large dose of serious narcotics on a daily basis without them having effects of their own?

I was eventually referred to Dr. Sergio Lenchig. When we met at my first visit, we started with the usual medical histories, previous surgeries, allergies, etc. Within a short time into my visit, I realized I made the right choice. Dr. Lenchig could truly see how my condition had taken over control of my life, both physically and emotionally. He also understood how this was affecting my family life. At the end of this visit, he shook my hand and made me a promise he was going to help me.

Within a short time period, Dr Lenchig suggested to me the idea of a Spinal Cord Stimulator as a means to help control pain and make it “livable”. He explained the pros and cons of this type of device, what hopefully could be expected by having it, how the implant itself is done, but most of all he explained the trial installation. I went through this trial period, and the Spinal Cord Stimulator actually made a noticeable difference.

The permanent Spinal Cord Stimulator has now been implanted by Dr. Lenchig and it, he and his office staff (who handled all the necessary paperwork for me), have changed my life. I now have both the ability and desire to get up, go places and do things. It has not been a 100% percent improvement, but more than enough to allow me to do things I couldn’t before or had no interest in doing.
I owe a lot to Dr. Lenchig and everyone in his office, but I especially appreciate that he kept the promise he made to me on our first visit.


Ronald Bree